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Accomplished Norco lawyer provides wide-ranging estate planning services

You can’t begin the process of drafting a will or trust too early. At the law office of Anthony Alanis in Norco, I have years of experience assisting clients with drafting wills, creating trusts and formalizing healthcare choices through living wills. A proactive approach provides assurance that family and loved ones will be provided for.

Trusted legal counselor assists with the drafting and changing of wills

California does not recognize oral wills. If you die without leaving a written will, your property may end up with distant relatives. Executing a written will outlines how your personal possessions should be distributed to the people you choose. To create a legally binding will, you must be at least 18 years old and your signature must be witnessed by two people. Besides distributing property to your loved ones, you can use the will to:

  • Name a guardian for your minor children
  • Create a charitable bequest
  • Provide continued care for beloved pets

Wills should be reviewed periodically. If your wishes have changed, it is not necessary to begin from scratch. I can update your original will so you may rest assured that your current plans will be carried out.

Compassionate advisor protects your healthcare choices through a living will

A living will can make sure that your personal healthcare decisions when it comes to delaying death via artificial means are carried out in the event that you become unable to give consent. I will work with you to create a living will that allows you to specify whether specific medical treatment should be administered or withheld and provides important guidance to doctors and your family, should the need arise. In nonterminal cases, an advance healthcare directive can allow you to specify what actions should be taken on your behalf.

Experienced legal counselor advises clients on creating trusts

A trust is an excellent way to take care of loved ones who may not currently be ready or able to provide for their own care or make well-reasoned choices. For example, a trust can be established to fund the ongoing educational or health needs of young children. Creating a living trust during your lifetime can also shield property from having to go through the probate process.

Establishing a trust requires a stated purpose, a named beneficiary who will receive funds from the trust, a reliable trustee who will manage the trust and identification of property to fund the trust. I will work closely with you to design a trust document that is clear and that will fully carry out your wishes.   

Contact a trusted California attorney for all your estate planning needs

At the law office of Anthony Alanis, I have extensive experience helping clients in Riverside County ensure their valuable estates, both large and small, are passed on to those who matter most. I offer a free consultation and cost-effective rates. If you require assistance with any estate planning issue, please call my Norco office at 951-523-8531 or contact me online.