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Experienced Riverside County lawyer defends against felony and misdemeanor charges

Having a skilled attorney as your advocate can greatly ease the anxiety that results from being accused of a crime. At the law office of Anthony Alanis, located in Norco, I have defended clients accused of a range of misdemeanor and felony charges for years. I will use my experience and knowledge of the law and court procedures to provide an aggressive defense.

Passionate legal advocate takes a proactive approach to defending against DUI/DWI charges

A conviction for a DUI/DWI, even a first-time offense, can result in mandatory jail time, fines, alcohol treatment and license restrictions. At my firm, I employ a proactive approach to defending against both administrative actions by the California DMV and legal charges in court. I will thoroughly review your case, examine the legality of police procedures surrounding your arrest and provide a detailed explanation of all your options, including steps you might be able to take to reduce the charge you’re facing.

California law firm provides skilled representation for all traffic offenses

Navigating California’s busy roadways puts drivers at risk of violating dozens of laws on a daily basis. Some offenses can bring significant fines and jail time upon conviction.  I have built solid defenses for hundreds of clients charged with traffic offenses including:

  • Reckless driving
  • Leaving the scene of an accident
  • Driving on a suspended or revoked license

I will defend you against traffic offenses to help point you towards a favorable outcome.

Dedicated lawyer defends against violent crime and drug charges

If you have been charged with a felony or misdemeanor such as a domestic violence or drug crime, I have a track record of getting such charges reduced or even dropped. As your attorney, I will challenge the prosecution’s evidence of possession, trafficking, manufacturing or distribution of an illegal substance and strive for an acquittal or, if that isn’t possible, alternatives to incarceration. In domestic violence cases, self-defense and other factors are not always taken into account by the reporting officer, and they could make or break your case. I will pore over every piece of evidence and look for potential weaknesses.

Legal advocate assists clients with the expungement of criminal records

Criminal convictions can make it more difficult to secure housing and find employment, but sealing or expunging your criminal records can prevent this negative history from appearing on background checks. In California, arrest records may be sealed if charges were never filed or were later dismissed. Records may also be sealed if a conviction was vacated or overturned.

As your advocate, I will thoroughly analyze your case and, if you are eligible, prepare a persuasive application for sealing.   

Contact a trusted, experienced California criminal defense attorney to protect your rights

At the law office of Anthony Alanis, defending clients against criminal charges at all court levels in Riverside County has been a priority of my practice for years. For a free initial consultation, please call my Norco office at 951-523-8531 or contact me online.